Saturday, July 22, 2017

Trip to Rocky Mountains (June 21, 2017)

Living at Colorado right next to the Rocky Mountains means it is a great place for adventurous people as it creates opportunities like hiking for them. I live in Longmont, Colorado which is about an hour drive to the entrance of the Rocky Mountain National Park. The park is known for its high altitude roads and the scenic view.
Even though my family were not very adventurous, my elder brother who happened to be in Colorado for two weeks was very enthusiastic of driving in America. In fact, my father had just planned this trip a day before we went there. It was our first time visiting the park since we arrived in August and probably the first I have ever been so high up with a car. My whole family were excited as we only got this chance because my brother was here since my father was only an amateur driver.
On the way to the park, we drove through Estes Park, which is another tourist attraction in Colorado that we visited a few months ago. After about 10 minutes driving past Estes Park, we finally reached the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park. The entrance fee was $20 per car and to be honest I thought it was expensive. The ranger gave us a map as well so we could have a look at the popular places to go since the place was just enormous.
Along the way, there were several pull-offs for car to pull over and take in the scenery. We stopped at most of the pull-offs to take picture and just enjoy the breeze. One thing that amazed me was that there were still ice from winter even though it was already June which was the start of summer. We reached the highest point of the trail after about 30 minutes and its was a staggering 13,000 feet high which is about a third of a plane’s cruising altitude.
We descended after taking some pictures and arrived in a small town called Grand Lake because of the huge lake as the name suggests. We had a picnic by the beach and after taking a rest we decided to head back home.
I was thinking about having a nap in the car but then my father suggested that he will drive back home. I knew I could not sleep for fear of my life and I had to be alert all the way back home since we were still in the mountains area. The drive back home was fine although nerve-wrecking and I could feel my legs shaking when I reached home.
We took a shower and lay down on our beds to rest while posting our pictures on social media to share our experience to our friends. I knew I would not be going on a road trip for another period time so I treasured my memories from our road trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.