Sunday, August 7, 2022

In the Buddha’s Words စာအုပ်မှ လက်ရွေးစင် သုတ္တန်များ

1. The Human Condition

1.1. Old Age, Illness and Death
 1.2. The Tribulations of Unreflective Living
 1.3. A World in Turmoil
 1.4. Without Discoverable Beginning

2. The Bringer of Light

2.1. One Person
 2.2. The Buddha’s Conception and Birth
 2.3. The Quest for Enlightenment
 2.4. The Decision to Teach
 2.5. The First Discourse

3. Approaching the Dhamma

3.1. Not a Secret Doctrine
3.2. No Dogmas or Blind Belief
 3.3. The Visible Origin and Passing Away of Suffering
 3.4. Investigate the Teacher Himself
 3.5. Steps Toward the Realization of Truth

4. The Happiness Visible in this Present Life

4.1. Upholding the Dhamma in Society
 4.2. The Family
4.3. Present Welfare, Future Welfare
4.4. Right Livelihood
4.5. The Woman of the Home
4.6. The Community

5. The Way to A Fortunate Rebirth

5.1. The Law of Kamma
5.2. Merit: The Key to Good Fortune
 5.3. Givings
5.4. Moral Discipline
5.5. Meditation

6. Deepening One’s Perspective on the World

6.1. Four Wonderful Things
6.2. Gratification, Danger and Escape
6.3. Properly Appraising Objects of Attachment
 6.4. The Pitfalls in Sensual Pleasure
 6.5. Life is Short and Fleeting
 6.6. Four Summaries of the Dhamma
 6.7. The Danger in Views
6.8. From the Divine Realms to the Infernal
6.9. The Perils of Saṃsāra

7. The Path to Liberation

7.1. Why Does One Enter the Path
7.2. Analysis of the Eight-fold Path
7.3. Good Friendship
7.4. The Graduated Teaching
7.5. The Higher Stages of Training with the Similes

8. Mastering the Mind

8.1. The Mind is the Key
8.2. Developing a Pair of Skills
8.3. The Hindrances to Mental Development
 8.4. The Refinement of the Mind
 8.5. The Removal of Distracting Thoughts
8.6. The Mind of Loving-Kindness
8.7. The Six Recollections
8.8. The Four Establishments of Mindfulness
8.9. Mindfulness of Breathing
8.10. The Achievement of Mastery

9. Shining the Light of Wisdom

9.1. Images of Wisdom
9.2. The Condition for Wisdom
9.3. The Domain of Wisdom – the Five Aggregates
9.4. The Domain of Wisdom – the Six Sense Bases
9.5. The Domain of Wisdom – the Elements
9.6. The Domain of Wisdom – the Dependent Origination
9.7. The Domain of Wisdom – The Four Noble Truths
9.8. The Goal of Wisdom

10. The Plane of Realization

10.1. The Field of Merit for the World
10.2. Stream-Entry
10.3. Non-Returning
 10.4. The Arahant
 10.5. The Tathāgata